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Idaho Bloody Mary Box
Idaho Bloody Mary Box

Idaho Bloody Mary Box

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Idaho Bloody Mary Box

by Sister Sue’s Boutique

featuring The Pickly Pair and Three Bar Mix


Box Contains:

- One liter of Three Bar Secret Mix (Meridian, ID)
- 16 oz Spicy Pickles and 8 oz Spicy Asparagus from The Pickly Pair (Caldwell, ID)
- 2 oz mason jar of Smoked Rim Salt
- 4.5 oz Lime Juice
- 2 oz Mason Shot Jar
- 2 Stainless Steel Garnish Picks
- 2 Three Bar Coasters


What you need:

- Idaho Vodka (We recommend 44° North Potato Vodka)
- Glass(es)
- Ice


Directions:  Pour a puddle of lime juice on a plate and some of the salt on a separate plate.  Dip rim of glass(es) in lime juice, then in salt.  Fill glass(es) with ice then add one Mason Jar shot of Vodka and fill with Three bar mix.  Use garnish pick to stab a pickle & asparagus for garnish.  Sip, Sip, SLURP!  So delicious! Feeling Fancy?  If you want it to be a drink & a snack you can add fried bacon, cocktail shrimp, green olives, cheese, beef stick, you name it!  Now ENJOY!